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About Franchising

As a Franchisee of Structural Elements® you will have the opportunity to build your own business with the added support of our brand, approach, business model and business coaching. We believe in this model and have a desire to bring wellness to more people in more communities across the country.

As we partner to achieve your goals as business owner and our goals to build and spread our brand, our relationship is a crucial key to everyone’s success. As we build our franchise partner community, we will strive to keep it collaborative, while keeping the integrity of the brand and approach in the forefront.

(se)® Franchise Model

Structural Elements® has the right fit for your orthopedic wellness clinic. With a scalable practice size and the option to create a stand-alone clinic or build within another business, you have flexibility to create the clinic you have always envisioned.

As a franchisee with Structural Elements®, you will receive:

A Proven System
When you buy a Structural Elements® franchise, you’re buying a system based on years of business and medical experience. Our team of experts will help you every step of the way.

Comprehensive Initial Training
Every franchisee attends Structural Elements® start-up training in Hagerstown, MD. With over a decade of experience, our expert instructors will cover every aspect of owning, managing, and building a Structural Elements® business. Executed over two weeks at our headquarters, you will spend time in the classroom and in a Structural Elements® clinic, with real-world, on the job training.

Site Selection and Build-Out Assistance
Selecting the right site and managing the build-out is critical to the success of your business. We will help you navigate each step of finding and building out your clinic in your exclusive territory.

Distinctive Image and Interior Design
Classic and modern, our interiors combine the best of traditional practices with a new, vibrant environment that is designed to give all locations a “spa-like” feel.

Ongoing Expert Access
Our franchisees have direct access to experts who can help you manage and operate your Structural Elements® franchise.

Group Vendor Savings
As a Structural Elements® franchisee, you’ll enjoy the savings provided by our group buying power. We continually research products and services to identify vendors that would benefit our system and our patients.

You will also receive...
Pre-Opening Guide, Operations Manual, and Branding Guide
Ongoing support and training in all areas of the business
Customized Software package to run your clinic
Use of professionally designed SE marketing materials
Professionally designed web page with the ability to edit for your local needs.
Social media best practices and designed campaigns
Structural Elements® GSuite access with branded email address
Sample press releases, templates for letters, and more!

(se)® Investment

We have a customized clinic model to best fit your goals and ambitions. Based on which model you choose, your total startup investment will vary depending on leasing costs, construction, and the like. In the following chart you can see some of the estimated ranges for these costs.


Initial Capital Investment  
Franchise Fee* (up to five therapists) $45,000
Lease Deposit $1,500 - 10,000
Lease (first three months) $4,500 - 45,000
Construction or Remodeling $30,000 - 200,000
Furnishings + Fixtures $74,500 - 157,000
Branded Signage: Indoor + Outdoor $4,000 - 11,500
Equipment + Inventory $10,000 - 100,000
Computers + Software/Subscriptions $5,250 - 10,400
Utilities (set up and first three months) $750 - 3,000
Advertising (pre-opening + first three months) $2,500 - 10,000
Employee Wages (three months) $4,500 - 12,000
Insurance $750 - 3,000
Licenses + Professional Fees $2,000 - 7,000
Training of Additional Therapists $5,000 / therapist

Annual Franchise Fee* 6% Gross
Annual Marketing Fee 2% Gross
* Franchise fees include startup package, margeting materials, training and mentoring from our experts, and other benefits.

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If you're interested in owning a Structural Elements® clinic and learning more about franchise benefits, please contact us!