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Massage & Bodywork Magazine Feature

Founder of Structural Elements®, Doug Bertram, gives an exclusive Q&A about Structural Elements® and the business opportunities it provides for all manual and movement therapists. 

Off The Dome Radio Podcast

If you’re a therapist that wants to learn from other therapists, put best practice in motion, take care of people and get them well. This podcast is for you! ⁠

Courageous Wellness Podcast

Aly French and Erica Stein sit down with Doug Bertram, the CEO of Structural Elements to discuss the effects of our bodies connective tissue.

Lindsey House, R.D., Accountability Coach Podcast

A Whole Body View - How many times have we been sent to get a knee checked or a hip when the reality is the whole body should really be getting evaluated to get a true understanding of where that root cause is coming from.⁠

How to Not Get Sick and Die Podcast

“Is there a proper way to move? Walk, run, jump, sit? Ergonomics would suggest that there is a perfect position to be in at all times and that if we all did that we’d be totally safe.

Finding Genius Podcast

One Stop Shop -- That is exactly what Structural Elements® is! CEO and Founder, Doug Bertram dives deep into how Structural Elements® applies our proprietary model to the human body and how that informs their multi-practitioner approach with a combination of modalities.

Freedom Physical Therapy Podcast

Want to know more about Structural Elements®, how we got started and what makes us uniquely different? CEO and Founder, Doug Bertram goes into great detail about the difference between Structural Elements® and traditional outpatient Physical Therapy.

Structural Elements has Perfect Pairing with Fitness Franchises

In essence, they see themselves as body engineers. You don’t want to call the engineer when your car is in the water to ask what was wrong with the bridge, he says, so why not approach your workouts proactively?

Structural Elements® Appoints President

Structural Elements®, an orthopedic wellness brand that provides the highest standard of care through a contemporary business model and a proprietary treatment approach, has named James Smith, CMB

Human Performance Refined

Joining Franchise Today, Doug Bertram, CEO and Founder of Structural Elements®, speaks about how we can offer true revolutionary care to a meaningful number of patients.

Structural Elements® Announces Strategic Network Growth Model to Support Franchise Growth Plan

Holistic Orthopedic Wellness Brand Develops Plan with Multiple Paths to Ignite Growth Coast to Coast.

Packers head coach Matt LaFleur tears Achilles tendon

When Packer’s head coach, Matt LaFleur tore his Achilles’ tendon, CBS 58 Newstoom stopped in to talk with Kevan Creighton, an Athletic Trainer who works with patients in our Milwaukee location.


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Structural Elements® was founded on the idea that better orthopedic care exists and should be available to people everywhere. Our team has changed the delivery of and access to that care across the country. Ready to join the movement? Access information on franchising costs, clinic build out plans and therapist support by filling out this form.

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Your submission of this form does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. Structural Elements® Franchising, LLC offers and sells franchises only in accordance with procedures designed to ensure that the Company complies with laws governing the offer and sale of franchises. These procedures include the delivery of a written disclosure document to the prospective franchisee before the Company can begin to discuss the possible sale of a franchise.