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The Structural Elements® Board Shares how the Work Has Changed Their Lives

For more than 20 years, Doug Bertram, founder of Structural Elements®, has been helping people relieve chronic pain, treat orthopedic dysfunctions and find lasting wellness solutions. Throughout the journey, from developing (se)® to opening the first clinic and pursuing franchising, Bertram has fostered plenty of meaningful connections along the way, especially with a certain group in particular: the (se)® Board.

Each of the (se)® board members have been personally impacted by the brand, whether it be through Bertram, the treatment, the mission or all of the above. Meet the members below and learn about just a few of the many ways Bertram and (se)® have impacted their lives.

Meet the (se)® Board

  • Steve and Tina Roach
  • Luke Laga
  • Paul Mellott Jr.
  • Mike Kelly
  • Dan Fisher
  • Frank Cholewicki
  • Thomas Bott and Sherry Jo Matt
  • Jason Knicley
  • Michael Starr
  • Jeff and Gail Reeder

Steve and Tina Roach, who have been involved with (se)® over the past 5 years, appreciate the holistic approach that Bertram has taken to treating patients.

“(se)® is a holistic treatment program and the realignment process is much more gentle than the traditional chiropractic manipulation,” says Tina. “I appreciate the process of opening up space, which allows your alignment to happen more naturally,” she adds.

“Many providers treat our symptoms; a sore neck, back ache, reduced range of motion, etc.,” says Steve. “(se)® works to correct the core problems and eliminate issues from the source. This approach has given me a lasting lift in continuous range of motion improvements, pain free activities and an overall improvement in living a more enjoyable life.”

Laga shifted his life 12 years ago to follow and study under Bertram as he developed what (se)® today, attracted to the way Bertram mapped the body in a format that could make fast, impactful changes on patients’ lives. A licensed acupuncturist, Laga has now been practicing (se)® for more than nine years and opened his own (se)® clinic in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2017.

“I love tackling everyday health issues, and (se)® allows for that entry point to work with so many different orthopedic health problems to solve,” says Laga.

Mellott Jr., who has received (se)® treatment every month for more than five years, says Bertram taught him just how important wellness is. “It’s like changing your oil – you have to change your oil,” says Mellott Jr. “This is a practice that’s focused on wellness and has many different opportunities and ways to get on a path to better awareness,” he adds.

It’s clear that Bertram saw the importance of surrounding himself with those who have been personally touched by the work. “Doug has found an incredible group of different ages, perspectives on business, successes and industries,” says Mellott Jr. “It’s unbelievable.”

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