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Medical franchising starts second wave

Even though it can be scary or painful to get a medical franchise started, franchising is proving to be one of the most consequential developments in U.S.

Into the Zen Den at Modern Acupuncture

The struggle is real in healthcare! 

How to Make a Great Living While Making a Difference With Douglas Bertram

Douglas Bertram, Structural Elements CEO and owner, was featured in the Pregame Magazine indulging about his proprietary treatment approach and how he got started.

The Structural Elements Method Helps People Reach Their Personal Best

Structural Elements offers a transformative and therapeutic franchising experience dedicated to helping others achieve their personal best.

Structural Elements® Announces Strategic Franchise Growth Plan

Operating on the fundamental belief that the body is a single unit, Douglas Bertram, our founder,  developed a mapping technique locating patterns of focal adhesions in response to mechanical stres

Getting What You Pay For

Doug Bertram, founder of Structural Elements®, shares about the work he and his staff do to deliver “human performance refined®”.

New Structural Elements Emphasizes Quality Over Quantity

Jason Knicley, owner of Structural Elements® Frederick, started out as a “traditional” out-patient physical therapist and was expected to see three patients per hour.

What is Structural Elements®?

Learn more from our Founder, Doug Bertram on how Structural Elements® enhances wellness and athletic performance.

A Cash Based Clinic

The "out of network" or cash based practice model is relying less on insurance payers and more on the cash value associated with your time and skill set.

Do you Know our Motto?

What does Structual Elements® motto, "human performance refined" mean? Find out below!

Stability vs. Mobility

Our orthopedic health is largely dependent on finding a proper balance between stability and mobility.


Join The Movement

Structural Elements® was founded on the idea that better orthopedic care exists and should be available to people everywhere. Our team has changed the delivery of and access to that care across the country. Ready to join the movement? Access information on franchising costs, clinic build out plans and therapist support by filling out this form.

Franchise Opportunity

Your submission of this form does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. Structural Elements® Franchising, LLC offers and sells franchises only in accordance with procedures designed to ensure that the Company complies with laws governing the offer and sale of franchises. These procedures include the delivery of a written disclosure document to the prospective franchisee before the Company can begin to discuss the possible sale of a franchise.