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The Method

The (se)® Approach

BodyWe are more than a list of modalities, we have created a proprietary approach. This approach can be practiced by Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and Osteopathic Physicians. Many of our tools are familiar: Acupuncture/ Dry Needling, Manipulation, Myofascial Release, Stainless Steel Tools, Orthotics and Recovery Compression; so what is the (se)® Difference?

We Triangulate off of landmarks to gain a 3D understanding of Structural Imbalance.

We are of the Pelvis School of Thought- if the Pelvis is not balanced, the body will compensate to get the eyes and ears back to a neutral horizon.

We’ve Mapped the Systemic Formation of Focal Adhesions. We don’t just treat motor points, we treat focal adhesions that form along the intra-muscular septa. We treat these points throughout the whole body, not just the site of pain.

We Retain Needles. It’s not the poke, it's the twist. We accomplish a mechanical coupling of the collagen fibers of the focal adhesion to facilitate mechanotransduction. This tissue winding effects shape of the fibroblast, resulting in a chemical shift in the tissue. This is passive and painless.

Balancing the Pelvis is harder than most people realize. We have created a series of if/ then scenarios to not only restore proper pelvic alignment, but allow for the surrounding structures to integrate the change.

We are all about Orthopedic Wellness! Yes, this treatment method is highly effective for reducing acute symptoms, and can improve joint dysfunction. Where this work is optimal is in keeping a patient community active!

Once balanced, we prescribe Strengthening and Lengthening Exercises, (se)® Rx Exercise to help maintain proper alignment and restore functional movements.

The (se)® Process


Quality care begins with developing clear treatment goals. At Structural Elements®, first we take a step back, then we look through a wide lens and determine the cause rather than treating symptoms alone. We look at the body from the ground up, how it moves, then determine a treatment strategy.


Effective treatment should restore balance to the entire body. We locate and treat adhesions in the connective tissue that form throughout all regions of the body, not just the site of pain. After normalizing the connective tissue, we manually correct alignment. To further correct structural imbalances, we prescribe at-home exercise, postural queues, and soft tissue self-care.


Our patients achieve lasting results because the Structural Elements® treatment reduces structural imbalances, improves connective tissue health, and re-educates

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