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Structural Elements® Shares Strategic Franchise Growth Plan

Douglas Bertram, founder of Structural Elements®

Douglas Bertram, founder of Structural Elements®, is committed to growing the brand alongside like-minded individuals that share the same passions for wellness.

Structural Elements® stands out as a reliable, holistic wellness clinic that uses a combination of transformative and therapeutic approaches to bring relief to its patients. Founder and CEO Doug Bertram, an acupuncturist and a seasoned athlete himself, developed what Structural Elements® is today through a contemporary business model and proprietary treatment approach, aiming to provide the highest standard of care and develop long-term relationships with his patients.

Recently, Structural Elements® announced its plans to strategically expand their franchise growth. Filling a critical gap in the health and orthopedic care industries, Structural Elements® plans to bring its unique approach to markets where the demand for orthopedic care is high. Currently, the wellness franchise is looking toward Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida for expansion.

With four locations currently open in Hagerstown and Frederick, MD, Leesburg, VA and Milwaukee, WI, the orthopedic wellness brand evaluates the human body according to its structural integrity. Establishing proper balance between compression and tension elements, Structural Elements®’ holistic methods look through a wide lens to determine the cause rather treating the symptoms alone, offering effective solutions for patients who have failed to find the relief they seek.

Not only does the wellness brand provide a unique experience for its patients, but it also gives franchisees an exciting opportunity to balance their passion for wellness with achieving their personal entrepreneurial goals. Ideal Structural Elements® franchisees understand the brand’s mission, maintain an active lifestyle and want to develop long-term relationships with patients and support them through overcoming their injuries and achieving their activity goals.

“Since I first discovered this alternative approach to orthopedic pain in 1995, I knew it was going to make a lasting impact on my patients and the wellness industry,” said Bertram. “There is a strong need for quality orthopedic care that takes into account the whole body and how all parts of the body are intertwined. Our team is committed to growing the brand alongside like-minded individuals or groups that share the same passion and promise to care.”

Prospective franchisees should be willing and able to invest in the health and wellness industry, an industry that can help business owners positively contribute to the health and wellness of their communities. Structural Elements® knows you’ve still got it, and interested franchisees will soon have even more opportunities to help others achieve their personal best as the wellness franchise pushes to implement its expansion plans.

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